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Cultural Agility Training

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EDI Consulting

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We are here to assist you and your organization in becoming more culturally agile

Cultural Agility Training

Serving diverse populations? Wanting more diversity in your organization? Begin your Cultural Agility journey with our signature training: Cultural Agility 101. Regardless of the knowledge or past experience of some of your staff, it is of the utmost importance to get everyone on the same page when you intend to change the culture of your organization. Our training is expertly facilitated to create a sense of belonging, stimulate curiosity and growth. We start with self-awareness and move towards inclusion and valuing of diversity. Call or E-mail us to learn more.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Organizations seeking support and guidance in becoming more culturally agile count on us to provide professional services.

We assist you with assessing where you are on this continuum and how to take the next steps to get to where you want to be. We provide objective feedback and also a strengths-based framework to build on your assets and to identify opportunities for growth. With years of experience in multicultural settings, we can provide different points of view to ensure an effective approach.

Advanced Modules Training

There are many modules that can continue the journey after our Cultural Agility 101. Specific to your sector, we offer a variety of customized training and events that respond to your needs and interests.

  •  8-hour, state-mandated Early Learning Division Training on Structural Racism
  • Successfully working with schools on how to respond to bias incidents, how to involve your students in creating a thriving school culture, and many more.
  • In the field of health, we cover many topics such as health inequities, working with interpreters, health literacy, working in partnership with your community, etc.
  • And more, please contact us.

Group Facilitation

Enhancing training with group facilitation activities provides the best long-term results. 

Oftentimes, the work of recognizing biased practices requires continuous support to dismantle, and investing time in group work will yield the best consistent outcomes.

It is essential when changing the culture of an organization, to stay in touch with managers or representatives of different departments or programs and to remain inclusive and transparent throughout the process. Facilitated conversations provide the necessary environment to bring out the best in everyone.


" Your training made me feel hopeful again, I think it will provide the foundation for our work in years to come and it was great that we could all learn together. Thank you!" 

B. M. Roseburg, OR


" The workshop you facilitated for our group was such a positive experience! Your style helped us feel included, and capable of being part of the change we wish to see. The content was engaging and moved us forward on this challenging work."

J.S. Clackamas Co. OR

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